High purity L-ribose CT is manufactured as a white, crystalline powder. To ensure the high quality, high purity L-arabinose CT99 is used as a raw material in the manufacture of L-ribose CT. Chirally pure
L-ribose CT is used for pharmaceutical applications such as nucleoside analogues and synthetic oligonucleotides.

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CAS No.24259-59-4
Molecular FormulaC5H10O5
Molecular Weight150.13 g/mol
AppearanceWhite crystalline powder
MoistureMax. 0.5% (Karl Fisher Dry Substance)
Assay, L-riboseMin. 99.8% on DS (HPLC)
Purity, D-riboseMax. 0.05% (HPCE)
Purity, L-arabinoseMax. 0.05 area % (GC)
Purity, L-ribuloseMax. 0.05 area % (GC)
AshMax. 0.2% (Residue on Ignition)
Heavy MetalsMax. 5 mg/kg (FCC/USP Limit Test)



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